Cell culture, urine, whole blood

Histamine ELISA Fast Track

Histamine is the best known mediator of allergic reactions, and following allergen challenge increased concentrations are found in the urine of allergic subjects. Beside this, recent publications demonstrate that Histamine is involved in many physiological processes such as wakefulness, cognitive abilities and food consumption.

Catalog Nr.: 
BA E-1700

Histamine ELISA Fast Track

Fast Track enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of Histamine in cell cultures, whole blood and urine
Common sample preparation for all body fluids. Acylation in liquid phase. 96-well-acylation plate. 12x8 break apart wells microtiter plate. 6 standards. 2 controls. Ready for use.
Sample Volume: 
20 µl cell culture or urine, 100 µl pre-diluted (1+20) whole blood
Total Assay Time: 
Sample preparation 15 min and ELISA 1 hour
Standard Range: 

0 / 0.5 - 50 ng/ml


0.2 ng/ml

2 - 8 °C
96 Determinations
  • Easy handling. direct assay. no extraction
  • No interference by medical drugs known
  • Wide standard ranges. convenient measurement of pathological samples without predilution
CE Mark: 
Please note: 
Kits intended for in-vitro diagnostic (ivd) are not available for the US-market
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