It’s with pleasure to inform you that LDN has introduced an ELISA for the quantitative determination of Kynurenine in serum or plasma. (split cursor)
The essential amino acid tryptophan is a constituent of proteins and is also a substrate for two important biosynthetic pathways: the generation of the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) and the formation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides via different kynurenine derivatives.
L-kynurenine is formed in the mammalian brain (40%) and is taken up from the periphery (60%), indicating that it can be transported across the blood-brain-barrier.
It can be converted by the inducible enzyme indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) into two other important compounds: the neuroprotective kynurenic acid and the neurotoxic quinolinic acid. The kynurenine pathway is also closely linked to the immune system, as different cytokines do influence the activity of the key enzymes.
An unbalanced tryptophan-kynurenine pathway is associated with different kind of diseases such as mental and psychotic disorders (e.g. depressions; Alzheimer´s disease; Huntington´s chorea), stress, and inflammatory neurological diseases (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; ALS).

LDN has developed an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) which is useful for measuring Kynurenine levels under different healthy and pathological conditions.

This new ELISA offers the following characteristics:

Product Name : Kynurenine ELISA
Catalog No. : BA E-2200
Description : Enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of Kynurenine in serum and plasma samples

Sample Type/Volume : 20 µl serum or plasma
Design: Common sample preparation. Derivatization in liquid phase (48-well-reaction plate). Immunoassay using 12x8 break apart wells microtiter plate (precoated). 6 standards. 2 controls; ready for use.

Assay Time : Sample preparation and derivatization 30 min; ELISA overnight
Standard Range : 0/ 100 - 10 000 ng/ml
Sensitivity : 45,7 ng/ml
Storage : 2 - 8 °C
Regulatory Status : RUO
Kit size : 96 determinations

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Gaithersburg, USA, February 03 2014:
The LDN HistaSure™ ELISA Fast Track has been validated and certified as a Performance Tested Method (#021402 ) by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective

method for the quantitative determination of histamine in fresh/frozen yellowfin tuna, canned tuna-chunk light in water, fresh/frozen mahimahi, canned sardines in oil and fish meal.
The ease of use and wide-ranging application areas make this assay a versatile and reliable tool for laboratories engaged in food safety.
This assay is an important piece of any seafood processor’s control strategy in their HACCP program to address the hazard of scombrotoxin formation.

In summary, the design and protocol of this fast ELISA offer the following advantages:

  • Results in less than 30 minutes
  • Designed for quantitative determinations (6 controls) or semi-quantitative determinations (1 out of 7 cut-off controls).
  • Run 42 samples in one run quantitatively, or as many as 47 samples in one run semi-quantitatively
  • Quantitative determinations have a high dynamic range between 0 and 300 ppm
  • For Semi-Quantitative Determinations: Choose from seven different cut-off points between 3 und 300 ppm
  • Validated and certified by the AOAC Research Institute for many different fish species and matrices such as fresh/frozen yellowfin tuna, canned tuna-chunk light in water, fresh/frozen mahimahi, canned sardines in oil and fish meal.
  • No expensive or complicated equipment required
  • Long shelf-life greater than 12 Months
  • On a regular basis the assay is successfully used in the external quality assessment schemes of FAPAS

Assay short description:

Product name: HistaSure™ ELISA Fast Track
Catalogue #: FC E-3600
Method: Enzyme immunoassay
Package size: 48 determinations
Intended use: For the rapid semi-quantitative or quantitative determination of histamine in different kinds of fish species or fish derived products
Standard range: 0 / 3.0 - 300 ppm
Sample preparation: Water extraction based on the AOAC Official Method 937.07
Assay time: 25 minutes
Limit of detection: 0.44 ppm

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This new technology provides a solution for the extraction of biomolecules from biological fluids wherein an ion exchange resin is attached to a solid support such as a multiwell plate (patent pending). The sample clean-up device is much more cost-effective in its production than chromatography columns, is fast and easy in its use, and applicable in high throughput procedures.

One of the first assays based on this method is an ELISA for the quantitative determination of y-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in neuronal tissue and cell culture. Read more

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