Saliva Assays

Saliva Assays

Over the last years the popularity of measuring steroid hormones in saliva for clinical and research applications has grown steadily. As the steroid hormones in saliva are not bound to proteins one can easily get a quantitative determination of the free steroid fraction. Saliva sampling and testing offers many advantages over tradtitional sampling methods such as:

  • Non-invasive and painless
  • stress free
  • determination of the biological active (free) fraction of hormones
  • Inexpensive sampling device available which is free of interferences
  • Measurement is based on simple ELISA technology
  • Easy collection at patients´s home
Saliva collection device for the correct and reliable collection, storage and transport of saliva samples.
SALI – SET 100 (# SA D-6100): contains 100 sampling tubes
SALI - SET 500 (# SA D-6500): contains 500 sampling tubes

The following assays are used for in-vitro diagnosis and research applications:

ELISA – Kit Catalog Details

Cortisol Saliva ELISA

SA E-6000 show more

Testosterone Saliva ELISA

SA E-6100 show more

Estradiol Saliva ELISA

SA E-6200 show more

Progesterone Saliva ELISA

SA E-6300 show more

17-OH-Progesterone Saliva ELISA

SA E-6400 show more


SA E-6500 show more

Free Estriol Saliva ELISA

SA E-6600 show more

Androstenedione Saliva ELISA

SA E-6700 show more

IgA Saliva ELISA

SA E-6800 show more

Alpha-Amylase Saliva ELISA

SA E-6900 show more


SA E-7000 show more

Estrone Saliva ELISA

SA E-7100 show more