Thyroid Function

Thyroid Function

TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete the hormones thyroxine (T4), which has only a slight effect on metabolism. T4 is converted to triiodothyronine (T3), which is the active hormone that stimulates metabolism. Most of the thyroid hormone circulating in the blood is bound to transport proteins. Only a very small fraction of the circulating hormone is free (free T3/free T4) and biologically active, hence measuring concentrations of free thyroid hormones has an important diagnostic value.
There are many disorders related to unbalanced thyroxine levels such as Hyperthyroidism (e.g. Graves Disease), Hypothyroidism (e.g. Hashimoto's thyroiditis), and clinical depression.

The following assays are used for in-vitro diagnosis and research applications:

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TSH ELISA 2nd generation

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fT3 ELISA 2nd generation

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fT4 ELISA 2nd generation

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T3 ELISA 2nd generation

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T4 ELISA 2nd generation

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Reverse T3 (rT3) ELISA

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