Diagnostics from LDN

Immunoassays Made in Germany

Founded in 1996, LDN has grown from start-up with three employees to a global player leading the market for immunoassays for biogenic amines with over 35 employees.

Currently LDN proudly provides over 150 products in more than 80 countries. Our customers come from the fields of clinical labs, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry.

All of LDNs products are manufactured at its headquarters in Nordhorn, Germany.

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State-of-the-art immunoassays for the analysis of biogenic amines and their derivatives, neurotransmitters, and amino acids

Testing solutions for histamine in different kinds of food with focus on histamine in fish-derived samples

ELISA for testing basic endocrinological parameters and offering a broad range of niche analytes

Flexible research ELISAs for the quantification of minute amounts of analytes in various biological liquids