ELISA for the quantitative determination of DHEA-S in saliva

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SA E-6500
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Name:DHEA-S Saliva ELISA
ELISA for the quantitative determination of DHEA-S in saliva.
Sample Volume:
50 µl saliva
Total Assay Time:30 min
Standard Range:0 / 0.2 – 12 ng/ml
Sensitivity:0.05 ng/ml
Storage:2 – 8 °C
Kit:96 determinations
Advantages:Please contact us.
CE Mark:Yes


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is valid for the IVD and RUO kit, respectively.

Please note

In countries outside the European Economic Area and Associated States (EEA+EFTA+Turkey) such as the USA or for research applications (the assay can also be used for different biological samples), the kit can be purchased without country approval only as a Research Use Only (RUO) kit.
These RUO kits for research and non-IVD use are distinguished in the catalog number from IVD kits by an R at the end.